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Re: CAKE--Citizens Against Key Escrow

>The cypherpunks remailer was designed to be run out of a user account,
>and can be modified to be just such an email server.  The remailer as
>it is now is just such an email server, whose only function is to
>remail.  Handling lists and votes as above is straightforward.
>I do take it that you're a patriotic cypherpunk, no?

So Eric, how's bout we all send messages to [email protected]
with a valid reply-to and it sends back a response such as "Please
confirm that this is a valid signiture by ... (doing something random?)

BTW, do you remember who it was that was talking about pgp mail headers who
has not yet responded to my groovy idea of using rfc822's "Encrypted:"
field?  So far, the only responses I've seen are from others saying "Yea,
when ya find out, let me know too..."  Any thoughts?
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