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Re: Offshore Data Havens and Services

>(For you worried parents out there who worry about Junior calling these

I recently heard about a married adult who would call some sex line
uncontrollably...so apparently it is possible for some people to 
become addicted to a phone number--the blocking isn't just for concerned
parents!  What a surprise (to me).

>* when will the first "personal data" agencies appear, which offer

Yesterday on American Public Radio (used to be called NPR?) reported
that the IRS recently busted 300 or so of their employees for accessing 
tax returns of relatives, famous people, etc.  They noted that this 
information was also being sold to lawyers, private investigators, and
market researchers.  The IRS even stated that they cannot control the
problem since 56,000 employees have access to the data.  The black
market of tax information is doing quite fine...


A database already exists for the purpose of identifying defaulting renters.  
I'd like to create a reverse one that tracks landlords who never make repairs 
or charge excessive cleaning fees.

>preexisting medical conditions databases

This kinda thing irks me since is a policy choice as to how preexisting
conditions are covered.  Since I've changed jobs often (startups, etc.),
it can be a real hassle every time they try to use this to weasle out of 
a claim.  (My wife just had a checkup, everything is fine, and they 
want all kinds of information released to them to determine whether there
was a preexisting condition even though she is being treated for nothing
at all!) The clause varies from company to company considerably and is 
archaic since insurance should be for the individual, not subsidized and 
controlled by group policies...

>Crypto anarchy is gonna change the world!

The race is on.

Paul E. Baclace
[email protected]