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Ben Weiss wrote:

> BTW, do you remember who it was that was talking about pgp mail headers who
> has not yet responded to my groovy idea of using rfc822's "Encrypted:"
> field?  So far, the only responses I've seen are from others saying "Yea,
> when ya find out, let me know too..."  Any thoughts?

Huh, I guess that was me... 

I thought that was a nice idea, the reason I "forgot" to reply was that I've
read it , thought about it, yes, that would be a nice idea, as long as you
don't have to see the ugly 64-radix-junk in your editor you don't care about
the bandwidth... 
Then it hit me ... Shit, I gotta go and study so I can get accepted to MIT
and work out a Ph.D under (hopefully) the almighty hero Ron Rivest.

That's the problem , soo much things to do, and soo little time...
(I happend to be one of those students who belives that 1 semester is AT LEAST
equal to 2 semesters :-)).

Anyhow, I'm learning perl now, and working on "improving" (eh, well "hack")
the cypherpunk remailing software, but for the moment my devilish Linux
kernel barfs core as soon as it sees the chain-program...

Anyhow, keep on working on those rfc822 fields, and please keep us informed,
I think it's a good idea, but still, remailers with capability to store
headers associated with a username and forward mail to them are better.

And remember: 		
		NSA says that all American citizens are criminals,

		NSA consists of American citizens...

	Stop the Clipper/Skipjack/Jackpot/Crackpot/Potshot chip!

Signed in Primes, Johann.

Version: 2.3