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Re: Cypherpunks, keep your powder dry....

>      She also conclused that getting criminals to use the system
>      will be a problem.  As a solution, Denning suggests legislation
>      tlat places some constraints on the use of other products.  This
>      would force them to come up with their own solutions, costing them
>      time and money that they might not be willing to sacrifice, she
>      explains.m 

Nonsense.  I can already see a market, either black, gray, or otherwise,
for non-Clipper/Skipjack devices.  In fact, I'd REALLY be surprised if
people haven't already come up with them on their own.  How hard could it
be to throw together an 80386-based embedded system, put PGP in ROM, add
a couple of A/D converters, and *presto* - instant privacy.  Add table
lookup (programmable from the phone pad, of course, based on the number
dialed) and you've got a pretty decent PEP (privacy-enhanced phone) :)
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