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Re: Cypherpunks, keep your powder dry....

> Tim May writes:
> > Here's a post that pretty much confirms that Dorothy Denning is
> > leaning toward schemes that outlaw competitors to Skipjack.
> Dorothy said as much to me even before Clipper was announced. I think she
> would have no problem with my representing her here as being highly
> concerned that widespread powerful encryption (other than key-escrow encryption)
> poses a threat to the enforcement of the laws and the maintenance of
> public order. 

I think attitudes like Denning's pose a threat to the enforcement of the bill
of rights and the maintenance of public freedom.  People should be able to keep
their business private, without the government meddling.  I'll bet Jefferson
and Paine are both spinning in their graves.  Of course, Hamilton would
probably like Denning's ideas - he always was a bit of a busy-body...
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