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Re: ANON: Re: how does it work

> Why write your own problem?  Get the sendmail sources from any number
> of ftp sites, modify them a little, recompile, and use your own
> sendmail instead of your OS's for delivery.  Then, you can keep
> limited logs for debugging in a place you can delete them when you're
> done.  The only catch is that running as you instead of root, you
> can't listen on port 25.

Two problems:

1) Aren't telnets logged, at least at the site you telnet to? If I "telnet
xxxx smtp", doesn't the site I telnet to have it in a log? I can't control
that, and that could identify me.

2) Sendmail (at least on our system) drops mail into a queue owned by root,
and inaccessible to anyone else. So without root privs your sendmail may
not function. (I know because I've tried).

I'm no UNIX guru, just a hacker, so if someone knows more by all means
correct me.

Peter Breton  [email protected]          PGP key by finger