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Using a 'telserv' program to redirect mail

I know the subject is misleading but to get into the heart of the matter.

It is very simple to write a unix program to redirect a program driving
a port to another port without affecting it running on the first port.  The
program I have seen to do this is called 'telserv' and can redirect any
port daemon to operate on any other port available (above 1024 of course)
without any special system access.  With this program I have been able to
redirect telnetd, ftpd, and smtpd to other ports with no problem.  In most
cases, the new port is not logged, and works 100% accurately.  The only
current limitation is that only one port process can be taking place at a time.
This could easily be surpassed by a simple fork() statement addin.  I will
not post this code unless I am assured that it is not going to be a legal
problem.  As you can see from the above written statement, I am not a learned
unix programmer, as I have taught myself everything I know (the only accessible
machine our uni has is a prime 6250), so please be gentle with the flames, I 
have done my best to represent the code and system accurately.

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