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August Bay Area cypherpunks meeting


August Bay Area cypherpunks meeting

Saturday, August 14, 1993
12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Cygnus Support offices, Mt. View, California

  Topics this time include the usual assortment of mailer topics,
politics, protocols, and rant.  There will be a discussion of the
Twain privacy service and privacy.net, among others.

  Meetings are the second Saturday of every month, at the same
location and at the same time.  There is frequently an informal dinner
at a restaurant chosen by concensus at the meeting.

[Directions to Cygnus provided by John Gilmore. -- EH]

	Cygnus Support
	1937 Landings Drive
	Mt. View, CA  94043
	+1 415 903 1400   switchboard
	+1 415 903 1418   John Gilmore

Take US 101 toward Mt. View.  From San Francisco, it's about a
40-minute drive.  Get off at the Rengstorff Ave/Amphitheatre Parkway
exit.  If you were heading south on 101, you curve around to the
right, cross over the freeway, and get to a stoplight.  If you were
heading north on 101, you just come right off the exit to the
stoplight.  The light is the intersection of Amphitheatre and
Charleston Rd.  Take a right on Charleston; there's a right-turn-only

Follow Charleston for a short distance.  You'll pass the
Metaphor/Kaleida buildings on the right.  At a clump of palm trees and
a "Landmark Deli" sign, take a right into Landings Drive.  At the end
of the road, turn left into the complex with the big concrete
"Landmark" sign.  Follow the road past the deli til you are in front
of the clock tower that rises out of one of the buildings, facing you.
Enter through the doors immediately under the clock tower.  They'll be
open between noon and 1PM at least.  (See below if you're late.)

Once inside, take the stairs up, immediately to your right.  At the top
of the stairs, turn right past the treetops, and we'll be in 1937 on 
your left.  The door is marked "Cygnus".

If you are late and the door under the clock tower is locked, you can
walk to the deli (which will be around the building on your left, as
you face the door).  Go through the gate in the fence to the right of
the deli, and into the back lawns between the complex and the farm
behind it.  Walk forward and right around the buildings until you see
a satellite dish in the lawn.  Go up the stairs next to the dish,
which are the back stairs into the Cygnus office space.  We'll prop
the door (or you can bang on it if we forget).

Or, you can find the guard who's wandering around the complex, who
knows there's a meeting happening and will let you in.  They can be
beeped at 965 5250, though you'll have trouble finding a phone.

Don't forget to eat first, or bring food at noon!  I recommend hitting
the burrito place on Rengstorff (La Costen~a) at about 11:45.  To get
there, when you get off 101, take Rengstorff (toward the hills) rather
than Amphitheatre (toward the bay).  Follow it about ten blocks until
the major intersection at Middlefield Road.  La Costen~a is the store
on your left at the corner.  You can turn left into the narrow lane
behind the store, which leads to a parking lot, and enter by the front
door, which faces the intersection.  To get to the meeting from there,
just retrace your route on Rengstorff, go straight over the freeway,
and turn right at the stoplight onto Charleston; see above.

See you there!

	John Gilmore