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Re: (fwd) Wolf's got a thing or two to say here...

I was able to decode the message from "wolf" posted to Newsgroup
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery and then posted here by Ed Carp, who said

    Here's something I found on another newsgroup.  Any ideas what it
    is?  It was a public posting...

    I've tried uudecoding it and playing with it, running it through
    uncompress, gunzip, and pgp (all with appropriate headers, of
    course - I'm not a total idiot!), but I can't make heads or tails
    out of it.  Just curious if anyone found this familiar-looking...

Procedure for decode is:

Extract message to file xxx.asc

Add -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- and
    -----END PGP MESSAGE----- to start and end of file.

Change PGP's CONFIG.TXT file to de-comment

KeepBinary = on     # Decrypt will not delete intermediate .pgp file
verbose = on        # verbose diagnostic messages
[this is probably the step Ed missed]

Then just run PGP against the file

The result will be found in XXX.PGP which is now not deleted.  I won't
repeat the long message here.  It's apparently from a fag (Wolf) who
was beat up by his lover (David) whom he had arrested. Here are the
first few lines:

  Hello friends.
  I hope you are all well.
  I am doing better today than before.
  I get a little more livelier every day.
  I am not in the mood to talk about the situation right now, though.
  I would like to first of all thank each an every one of you for
  the SCADS of mail I have recieved in response to my post about what
  happened last Monday night.

I'm not sure how this message was produced. Maybe not by PGP.
I tried reversing the encoding with pgp -a xxx.pgp, but a different
encoded file is produced, which PGP decodes with no problems.

[email protected] (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Cupertino, Ca