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Re: Using a 'telserv' program to redirect mail

>>I will
>>not post this code unless I am assured that it is not going to be a legal
>>problem.  As you can see from the above written statement
>yada yada
>>[email protected] 
>Why not post it anoymously? Too late now. Cypherpunks not only write code,
>they write code that people can use.

Um guys, it was already posted here over a year ago by myself and another
person. It's a simple port bouncer and not that hard to write. 

treason: just post it. it's no big secret.

If anyone is in a hurry it's been up for ftp as /pub/perl/telserv.c on
coombs.anu.edu.au [] since Nov 92. It's still there.
(Note it's C code not perl, thats just the tree I maintain).