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Re: How long would it take?

There are a number of ways to attack a PGP (or PEM) encrypted
document.  The first, and most likely easiest, is to try to get
someone's private key.  Other attacks include attacks on IDEA (128-bit
keys) or RSA.

Its unclear what any of these attacks require, at this point.
Breaking IDEA would take a brute force attack (2^128 keys) unless
something better comes up.  Breaking RSA requires factoring the
modulus, unless something easier comes up.

I would expect that the time to factor a 1200bit modulus would be on
the order of a million years or more, even given technology upgreades
of the near-future.

I've seen a number-of-addition-bits to amount-of-extra-time-to-factor
ratio, but I don't remember what it is.  (order of magnitude per 10
decimal digits, maybe????)

Comments, suggestions, corrections, all welcome.