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Secure voice software issues

>Maybe this is a good service for a key server to perform.

Yeah, but that kind of assumes connectivity to the net. It's rather inconvenient
for a pair of phones who only have dialup modems connected to each other
to do this on every call.

>What if you prepare RSA key pairs in advance in your computer's 
>(phone's) spare time, then use one per conversation (at least for the 
>initializing)?  You would encode your public key with the session 

You could probably use temporary RSA key-pairs for each call, but RSA
key generation is notoriously slow. A lot slower than a Diffie-Hellman
key exchange.

>Am I wrong, or is Diffie-Helman only useful when you *don't* have
>a way of verifying who each other are?

Eh? No, as I've been saying, you can produce a very strong hybrid in
which both Diffie-Hellman and RSA each play an important part.
Diffie-Hellman generates the session keys, while RSA signs them.