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Real time OCR

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Date: Thu Aug 12 08:40:56 1993
From: [email protected] (Bill_Stewart(HOY002)1305) <wcs/daemon>
Subject: Re: [uk.transport] Speed Camera with OCR

> > The ability to read a car's plate & decypher the number in real time
> > without any human intervention must take a bit of work. 

> There's a lot of automated-highway research going on; most of it has
> been oriented towards radio+smartcards, which are easy to make accurate,
> and while they're not totally cheap, you can palm off much of the cost
> on the car-owner and use cheap equipment in the tollbooth.

>			Bill Stewart

If anyone can dig out the April issue of 'Advanced Imaging' (I seem to
have given mine away), there was an article about imaging license plates
for use at border crossings. The bugs looked like they were worked out and
the system was ready for action. I don't remember where it was going to be
put into effect, but..


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