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Re: anonymous contact ser

 -=> Quoting Uucp to All <=-

 Uu> Apologies for replying on the list....

That's OK with me.  This probably answers some questions for a few
others, too.

 Uu> Here's why. I can't reply directly to your message, as some gateway on
 Uu> the way barfs on the ".." in your name. This seems to come and go.
 Uu> This is probably also what screws up anon.penet.fi.

This is extremely interesting!  This "problem" was supposedly fixed some
time ago, but this is why I have alternate accounts elsewhere with more
common names.   In any event, I will pass this information along to the
proper persons.

 > repl: bad addresses:
 >       "M. Stirner" <[email protected]> -- no mailbox in
 > local-part (.)

This is yet another problem that was supposedly repaired - it should
read [email protected], but a curious glitch in the BBS
reply software that handles conversions of mailings to conferences &
automatic routing of replies periodically enters all zeroes in the "f" &
"n" fields.  I will pass this along, also.

 Uu> Another problem is that your address keeps changing. Thus you have
 Uu> several ID's on anon.penet.fi, some with passwords, some without. Your
 Uu> message was from [email protected], but in your sinature
 Uu> you claim you are also [email protected] (or
 Uu> ...!uunet!kumr!shelter!0!0!M..Stirner).

Yes, the zeros are wrong & were inserted by software out of my control.
I also have different addresses, true enough, but there is no f0.n0.z1
in fido; that address is a software error.  I suspect it'll be on this
message, too.

STILL....the problem I have is not addressed:  I cannot make a
multi-line header (as in the required "X-Anon-Password: password" line)
work through this UUCP gate, as far as I can tell.  I have been
attempting to route my mail to the penet remailer via other cypherpunks
remailers with the syntax:

Request-Remailing-To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
X-Anon-Password: password
X-Anon-To: alt.foolishness

But I am not sure if the cypherpunk remailer's address conflicts with my
From: field or not - I _think_ it does.  If so, I cannot use password
header lines unless anon.penet.fi can handle having blank lines between
the header fields:

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

X-Anon-Password: password

X-Anon-To: alt.foolishness

The above header will pass the UUCP gate here.  Without the blank lines,
the header gets grunged after the To: [email protected] line.
.   Thank you for your personal attention to this vexing problem.
.   ~
.   M.

___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12
M. Stirner - via FidoNet node 1:125/1
UUCP: ...!uunet!kumr!shelter!0!0!M..Stirner
INTERNET: [email protected]