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Beepers can also be used to track you down!

Eh? Conventional pocket pagers are receive only. This is well known. Oh,
they probably do emit tiny amounts of RF from their local oscillators,
but I doubt much could be done with that.

Cell phones, on the other hand, *do* tell the system which cell you
are in, and they can do this even when you're not in a call. It's
called "registration".  The usual purpose is benign: directing pages
(land-to-mobile call requests) only to the cell you're in, instead of
having to "flood" them all over the system. But it *could* be used to
keep track of your location.

I carry both a pager and a cell phone.  Normally I keep the cell phone
turned off to save its batteries. When I get a page, I can turn the
phone on and return the call.  The pager/cellphone combination is very
nice, as I effectively get "caller ID" functionality.  Even better,
*I* get to choose when, how or even if to answer a particular page.
And since pagers are unidirectional (no acks) I can always lie about
not having gotten a page from somebody I don't want to talk to!  :-)