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Re: Electracy: Evil Revisited

Sorry, but today's currency system is anything but a democracy.  Thank God.
It works because it is entrusted to a COMPETENT elite.  The "global approval"
of bills that you suggest seems to be to inevitably lead to the worst sort
of populist rhetoric and pandering becoming law.
You don't seem to recognize that in an age of irrationalism, opening the 
doors to mass participation any further will simply de-legitimize the system
even more.  (I suppose if you liked Motor Voter, you dont understand why
I am saying this.)  But look at the Constitution.  Its paradigm is for a
federal government of limited powers to function as the "glue" to hold
together otherwise disparate political entities.  
The point is that majority rule is only *half* the story in American democracy;
the other half is checks and balances to ensure that those who do not
fit into the mainstream can pursue life, liberty,and happiness.
Since you think I am blathering on in vague generalities, let me put it 
another way:
	Colorado's Amendment 2 is EXACTLY the kind of bill one would expect out of "Elektracy".