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MEET: Reminder: Boston Area Cypherpunks

This is a final reminder that there will be a Boston Area Cypherpunks
meeting this Saturday, August 14, 1993, from 4-8 pm in MIT room 1-115.

Get to MIT.  
	By T: you can get off at Kendall Sq., off the red line.
	By BUS: route #1 stops right in front of MIT's main entrance
at 77 Mass. Ave.
	By Car: Have fun parking!!  ;-)

Room 1-115 is on the first floor of building 1.  Building one is just
a little south of the Main MIT entrance at 77 Mass. Ave, close to
Mass. Ave.  If you take the T, you will have to cross campus to get to
Mass Ave.  There will be signs (hopefully) to point the way once you
get close to the main entrance.

If you need more detailed directions, please call me at home:
868-4469, or send me email.

See you Saturday at 4!