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R. Tait wrote the following:

>Does anyone have elisp to integrate PGP into Emacs?  I'm fed up of
>having to use VI to send/receive all my encrypted mail, and there's no
>point in me writing any code if someone already has.

Which prompts me to ask:

Is anyone out there using the Pine email software?  If so, do you know of
any way to integrate PGP into Pine?  If not, any other ideas?  I see a lot
of signed messages out there, but the only way for me to send one is to
shell out to AIX, use vi to create a message, run pgp to create the signed
message, then run Pine and read the message in, at which point I can
finally send it.

Notice that this message isn't signed.  It's just too much hassle!

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.


Keith Russell                  Dynix Library Systems, Provo, Utah, U.S.A.
[email protected]    or    [email protected]