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User suggestion on MacPGP

One of the best improvements implemented in MacPGP 2.3 was the ability for
the user to enable an option that let PGP keep the key passphrase in
memory so you don't have to re-type it each message. However, I have ran
up against two problems with its implementation. 

1). if you mis-type the passphrase, the incorrect phrase goes into memory
and MacPGP takes it instead of putting back up a dialog box for you to
re-try. The result of any mis-typed passphrase is therfore a bad
passphrase error that you cannot recover from except by quitting and
re-starting MacPGP.

2). if you try to generate another key pair after typing (or mis-typing) a
passphrase, MacPGP takes the passphrase from memory and automatically
applies it to the new secret key. This is inconvenient especially if the
mis-typed phrase is so badly munged that the user cannot remember what
she typed ;-).