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few bits of info on Mycotronx

here are a few bits of info on Mycotronx. IBM's `supplier of the year'
and heavy into `satellite encryption systems'.

p.s. rumor has it a reporter out there picked up on the Mycotronx
`dumpster' postings here and the pointer in alt.whistleblowing to it
for a mainstream news article to appear ~Sep.-Oct.


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I pulled this from the Business Wire, it's not copyrighted was 
was distributed on BW for inclusion in Business Editor's files... it's
the "approved" company profile of the folks making the Cliper Chip.


Published date:   Friday, Aug. 13
Company name:     Mykotronx Inc.
Address:          357 Van Ness Way, Suite 200
                  Torrance, Calif., 90501
Telephone No.:    310/533-8100
Chairman of the
 Board:           Leonard J. Baker
Treasurer:       Kikuo Ogawa
President:        Theodore S. Bettwy
Public Relations
 Contact:         Sheila R. Coon
 Business number: 310/533-8100 ext. 13
 Home number:     310/548-7061
Company description:
   Mykotronx Inc., a small Torrance, Calif. business (42 employees) is
fast becoming recognized as a leader in the Information Security
(INFOSEC) field.
   The company has received numerous commendations for its quality
program.  Mykotronx was named "supplier of the year" by IBM's Federal
Systems Co. of Boulder, Colo., for both 1992 and 1993.
   The Mykotronx staff is composed of experienced authorities in
cryptology, telecommunications and the digital design of electronic
equipment and microcircuits (chips).  It also has excellent facilities
for performing R & D engineering, prototype, production and testing.
The small company atmosphere provides for personalized service and
quick-react capability.
   Low overhead and operating expenses contribute to Mykotronx's price
competitive capability.
   Since 1987 Mykotronx has gained a steadily increasing market share
of the Space Communications Security (COMSEC) business through its
COMSEC equipment design and production.  Bookings through June 1993
have exceeded $7.5 million.
   Mykotronx is a major supplier of satellite-to-ground encryption
equipment and the developer of the U.S. Government's proposed new
standard ("Clipper") for encryption of electronic communications such
as voice and computer transmissions via telephone, fax machine, modem,
etc.  Whether for high-volume or one-of-a-kind custom units, Mykotronx
has the technology and capability to meet customer's INFOSEC needs.
   CONTACT:  Mykotronx Inc., Torrance
             Sheila R. Coon, 310/533-8100 (phone)
                             310/533-0527 (fax)

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