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Re: Beepers can also be used to track you down!

HOY002 writes:
 > There is one way to track someone with a beeper - you call them,
 > leave your number, and trace the call if they call back.
 > It doesn't work for people who only accept calls from certain numbers

true.  I don't return pages from wierd or unknown numbers because of
the rash of pay-service fraud incidents.  (Get a 900-type number in an
area that doesn't use '900' or '976'.  Make your number a $20 or so
charge.  Page lots of people with the number.)

 > loops through the addresses and see who pulls out a beeper and heads

Or you can find out the user->id mapping by bribing/breaking into the
paging company, and look for certain numbers being sent as
page-strings to certain people.