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You know, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear all these slams
against the idea of electronic democracy is that the tone and content of
the objections are all but identical to those opposing any new tech, most
notably the prospect of nanotechnology.  

I mean, give me a break.  Of course the idea is dangerous.  But movement
at least somewhat in that direction is totally inevitable.  Only by
recognizing that it, or something like it, will occur, and planning for
it, will head off the possible abuses.  I personally think it highly
unlikely that the whole govt would just roll over and die, but in time
people will outright DEMAND more control over the govt.  It IS coming
whether any of you like it or not.  If you doubt this, ask yourself why
FOIA appeared.  The govt certainly didn't come up with that idea.  Nor did
they come up with and promote the idea of govt. info available via
computer and networking tech to the general populace.  Nor FIJA. 

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