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Re: Private legal tender

Writing anonymously, Sugarplum suggests:
> Customer sends cash or money order to digital bank, along with a floppy
> with an anonymous email address (via a remailer) and a public key.
> The bank emails the customer encrypted digital cash corresponding to the
> amount he sent in (minus any service charges).  

The problem with this is that the bank or clerks aren't accountable -
they can pocket the snail-cash and not send the digicash 
	"Oh, darn, the floppy's blank" or "Oh, darn, the email bounced"
	"Guess there's nothing I can do, what a shame"
just as they could if you snailmailed cash to a conventional account.
If you're sending non-accountable-by-sender cash, you need some way to get
a receipt.  If you're mailing a check or digicash, you have a way to 
repudiate the transaction or at least make a claim against them,
or if you can go in to the bank in person for the transactions with cash.

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