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Re: The Zen of Anonymity

	 >Given: Some graffiti is on the wall.
	 >Question: who is `responsible' or `liable' for graffiti?

	 This question already has a known answer.  The author of the words is
	 the one that is liable for them.  No other parties are liable unless
	 they had prior knowledge; this would make them conspirators.

However, under certain circumstances the owner of a facility can be
held liable for not removing libelous graffiti.  I picked up a paper
from the net some time back (/telecom-archives/sysops.libel.liability
on ftp.lcs.mit.edu, ``Defamation Liability of Computerized BBS
Operators & Problems of Proof'', by John R. Kahn) which discusses that
point.  The judgement is context-dependent -- one court noted that
different standards apply to a New York subway car [sic] than to the
interior of a manufacturing plant -- but the general rule is that if
you know of some defamatory graffiti on your property, you're obligated
to remove it.