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Re: `Stalled' Progress

On Aug 17,  7:02pm, "Perry E. Metzger" wrote:
> Subject: Re: `Stalled' Progress
> If we act as though we are shady, we will only make it easier to
> repress us.


I enjoy being shady at times - and certainly did in my
youth (something I cling to with my fingernails, now :-).

However, the giverment is trying to do something here which is an affront
to perfectly dull, ordinary people (like the Republicans for whom I work)
and Cypherpunks are doing something to fight against such reprehensible

For this fight against Skipjack, Clipper and ITAR, I see no reason to
act like an underground organization.

In the above-ground fight, of course, it's interesting to speculate about
what the underground would do if Clinton's Cops were to try to clamp down.
That can be good information to bring to the public.  Then again, if it's
scary enough (like the V.Voice article, perhaps), maybe it could drive
the voting public into the loving arms of the FBI.

 - Carl