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No Subject

[email protected] writes:

>  Uu> Actually, Julf's solution isn't too bad.
> It is if your gate won't process the password header line.

How many times do I have to repeat that anon.penet.fi can pick up
the X-Anon lines from the message body, as long as they are the
first non-empty message lines?

>  Uu> Maybe Julf needs to bite the bullet and start using PGP.
> That would be nice.  I particularly enjoy using the PGPed remailer at
> [email protected], which is not only private, but reliable and
> damn near grunge-proof.

Unfortunately it has the disadvantage that I can't reply to your messages.

Yes, I need to bite the bullet. I want to support PGP. But I have to pay my
rent, too...