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Anonymous IRC

Subject2: Lurker adds another Thread...

Many people, I assume, have used, or at least heard of IRC.  For those of
you who haven't, it is a real time chat system made up of many servers
that clients(users) connect to.  Once connected the user can talk to
pretty much anyone else on the system.  It is similar to CIS's CB and
other CB simulators/chat-lines.  For more info, ftp to CSA.BU.EDU and look
in the "/irc" directory, both servers and clients can be found.

The current "problem" with irc is that when you connect, anyone can figure
out who you are.  Or if you have "hacked" up the standard client, people
can figure out your hostname.  This doesn't allow private/anonymous
connections to happen.

The "fix" I decided was to modify the server code and make all connections
completely anonymous.  Anonyminity is to all, the Server keeps no
long-term records of the machines it is connected to, and the only
connection information it keeps is in socket information.  Owning the
Server does not give you access to Clients information.  Now, the only way
people are identified by, is their chosen Nickname or alias.  I have this
server up and running on my own machine with basically no one using it
currently.  I would like to see what people think, pros & cons, of
real-time anonymous chat.

If you would like more information, you can send me email.  Or you can
either compile your own client, or run an existing one.  Change your
server to "DROWN.SLIP.ANDREW.CMU.EDU", and you should connect.

Disclaimer: Since this is still an experimental server, no guarentee
will/can be made about your protection.

([email protected])