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Thurn, Thurn, Thurn (und Taxis, too!)

J. Eric Townsend writes:

>Eric Hughes writes:
> >      alt.w.a.s.t.e
>please make it alt.waste, or alt.w-a-s-t-e if you must have seps
>between letters.  The additional '.' characters will cause a

For the first 3/4 of "The Crying of Lot 49," Oedipa Maas thinks she is
seeing "WASTE" written on boxes and mail drops. It is only later, as she is
travelling through Berkeley by AC-DC ("standing for Alameda County Death
Cult"), that she notices the periods, writ very small (.).

So calling our cyberspace mail drop "alt.waste" would have resonances with
this Oedipal error, allowing the correcting of newbies.

Don't Ever Antagonize the Horn.

(I hear you crying "No maas!," so I'll stop with the puns.)


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