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Re: Digicash

Paul Moses:
>	3)  The [ATM] card then becomes a bearer instrument of sorts.  
>       No big deal; IT'S JUST LIKE MONEY.

It is a big deal.  Many people like carrying ID-based
cards (ATM w/PIN, credit cards, etc.) so they aren't easy targets for 
violent thieves.  Although this reaches equlilibrium -- as long as most 
people use credit cards instead of cash, a few of us can still carry 
around cash as long as we don't wave it around too much.  Targets of 
opportunity these days include late-night ATM customers.

Query: what will be the last businesses to install ATM terminals?
A couple that come to mind right away:

* rural businesses (poor net access)
* pawn shops (desire for privacy -- though I continue to be
amazed how many people create dossiers on themselves by 
calling 1-900 phone sex numbers, renting X-rated vids with
credit card, etc.)

Nick Szabo				[email protected]