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Wimsey Remailer Alive!

M. Stirner said here:

"OK.  It seems that [email protected] (#15) is down.  This is a
shame, as it was the _only_ remailer that would function as an anonymous
remailer for me.  It worked beautifully while it was up.  Its apparent
demise has been reported by other users as well,"

Reports of the wimsey remailer's demise are premature.  I just used
it to post this message!

One possible cause of problems might be use of PGP version 2.3 or
2.3a WITHOUT the following set in CONFIG.TXT:

pkcs_compat = 0     # Use backwards-compatible formats

The PGP in use by the remailer may be version 2.0 or 2.1, which will
not read PKCS-compatible PGP Messages.

The wimsey remailer has an ingenious method of returning error messages
anonymously.  Specify a subject in the message sent to wimsey that
will be meaningful to you, but won't identify you (like a set of
random letters). This subject does not appear in the remailed
message. Then subscribe to the mailing list

   [email protected]

by sending a message with Subject: subscribe.  You will receive a msg
for ALL errors detected in incoming messages and ALL bounced messages.
Errors in incoming messages are identified by the subject field.
Errors from bounced messages are identified by the subject in the
bounced message, which is specified following the To: line in the
encrypted message sent to wimsey.

Wimsey also has an anonymous reply mechanism using a message pool.
For more info, send "help" to

        [email protected]

I think wimsey is also the only Cypherpunks remailer which resides
outside the USA (It's in Canada).  This obviously makes it much more
inconvenient for USA Law Enforcement to broach the physical security
of the remailer.

Stirner also says:

". All other cypherpunks remailers, reliable or not, retain the footer
addresses automagically inserted by the host box here & are therefore
not in any way anonymous for my purposes.  There was a discussion of a
"cut line" syntax before I temporarily lost access to cypherpunks, but
as far as I know there was never any agreement or implementation (I
shall be pleased to be corrected if this is not the case)."

I think the Hall Remailer at <[email protected]> recognizes a
"cut line" of


I tried this and it failed the first time, but worked the second.
You should try a message to yourself before relying on it.
Unfortunately this remailer doesn't support encrypted remailing

You also may be able to alter or eliminate the automatic signature
or footer produced by your BBS. Check your local documentation or
ask your SYSOP.