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syntax for cut lines

Mr. Anonymous sent the following to cypherpunks, through one remailer:
>  > I think the Hall Remailer at <[email protected]> recognizes a
>  > "cut line" of
>  > --ignore--
>  > I tried this and it failed the first time, but worked the second.
>  > You should try a message to yourself before relying on it.

> Let us try it here and see how it works; the following line contains the
> kiss-off "ignore" and everything that shows beyond it was added without
> my intention:

And it worked... 
I would recommend one change to the handling of cut lines like --ignore-- :
- leave the cut line in the message, just cut the stuff after it
This lets you use one --ignore-- line to chop of any trailers from multiple
remailers, so you don't risk building up a trail.  Getting rid of the 
first one is obviously the most critical, but the rest can also be a risk.

Also, someone has commented that most people who use anonymous remailers
test them by sending a message to themselves before sending it to their
real destination.  If your intended recipient is on the same system
or group of systems that you are, this is a traffic analysis risk...

		Bill Stewart