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Re: (CuD) (CuNews) Smart Kard Forum

In <[email protected]> Steven Hodas <[email protected]> writes:

Actually Burroughs...

>"Overpopulation has led to ever-increasing governmental control over the
>private citizen, not on the old-style police-state models of oppression
>and terror, but in terms of work, credit, housing, retirement benefits,
>and medical care: things which can be withheld. These services are
>computerized. No number, no service. However, this has not produced the

>>From _Blade Runner (a movie)_, William S. Burroughs, 1979, Blue Wind Press

Actually I have work, credit, housing, retirement benefits, and medical care
and they don't have my (right) numbers.  Mostly they don't have any numbers.

It is all still possible.

Duncan Frissell

Practicing & Preaching Privacy since at least 1969.