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Bank misbehavior (was: Re: No digital coins?)

Perry Metzger writes:

> If you truly feel that there is some
> sort of horrific "power relationship" between large banks and their
> customers, I would suggest that since the worst that they do to you is
> charge you for performing services that you are upset with the notion
> of banks charging for services.

I wish it were so; banks may provide information on me that I don't want
dispersed to the government, to other folks who know enough to use the
Touch-Tone account info hotline, and to marketing folks.

The Wall Street Journal had an article sometime in August 1991
(give or take a month; I don't have DJNR access or I'd give a real
cite) about how banks make available payee and amount information from
checks customers write, without customer notification or permission.

Banks in general seem to have poorly considered or actively harmful
(anti)privacy practices.

How easy IS it to start a credit union? Perhaps what we need is the
People's Sekrit Privacy Credit Union! 1/2 :)

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