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16th NCSC meeting Sep 20-23 1993 announcement

From Risks 14.86 Aug 24 1993

This is a Spook Central meeting, so the topics given are interesting
`signal intelligence' on what's on the NSA^D^D^DNIST's mind at the moment. 
Also, it suggests what companies have active consulting & production 
arrangements with NSA (MITRE, Motorola, etc.).

What's on their mind: hierarchical security systems (antithetical to the
subversive PGP `web of trust'), distributed/network security, CLIPPER, 
`publishing work', (read: restrictions on cryptographic topics in journals?), 
`security requirements for cryptographic modules' (read: restrictions
on cryptographic device export?) `International harmonization' by a 
Frenchman (hehe, sounds a lot like `Ministry of Truth'), a probable codeword
for International Cryptographic Restriction.

Acronyms: TPEP, TTAP -- sound big, what are they? Some kind of U.S. 
government `evaluation paradigms'. Again, probably for crypto-device export.

Interesting presentations by spook outsiders & wannabes: virus attacks, 
`Security & Auditability of Electronic Voting Systems', `Privacy Impact 
of technology in 90's', `Electronic Crime Prevention & Investigation'

Hopefully, some patriotic cypherpunk can sneak in and smuggle out a report!


Date:  Thu, 19 Aug 93 12:32 EDT
From: [email protected]
Subject:  NCSC 16 Announcement for RISKS

Dates:  20-23 September 1993
Location:  Baltimore Convention Center Baltimore, Maryland
Registration fee:  $275

The National Computer Security Center and the National Institute of Standards
and Technology will present the 16th National Computer Security Conference
from 20-23 September at the Baltimore Convention Center.

This year's three and one-half day program features tracks in : Research &
Development; System Implementation; Management & Administration; Criteria &
Evaluation; Tutorials & Other Presentations.

aA summary of the technical program follows.  To obtain more information about
the technical program send a message to

          NCS_Conference at DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL   or
          call the NCSC on 410-859-4371.

To obtain a registration form, call the Conference Registrar at
301-975-2775 or send a message to NCS_Conference at DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL



       PANELS - Strategies for Integrating Evaluated Products
                    Chair: J. Williams, MITRE
              - Multilevel Information System Security Initiative
                    Chair: G. Secrest, NSA
              - Trusted Applications
                    Chair: J. Cugini, NIST
              - Best of the New Security Paradigms Workshop II
                    Chair: H. Hosmer, Data Security Inc.
              - Enterprise Security Solutions
                    Chair: P. Lambert, Motorola

       PAPER SESSIONS - Honesty Mechanisms
                              Chair: E. Boebert, SCTC
                      - Database Research
                              Chair: M. Schaefer, CTA
                      - Access Control
                              Chair: P. Neumann, SRI


        Panels: - Perspectives on MLS System Solution Acquisition
                    Chair: J. Sachs, ARCA
                - Network Management -- The Harder Problem
                    Chair: R. Henning, Harris Corp.
                -  Application of INFOSEC Products on WANs
                    Chair: J. Capell, Lockheed
                - Security for the Securities Industry
                    Chair: S. Meglathery, NYSE

       Paper Sessions:  - Access Control Topics
                              Chair: D. Balenson, TIS
                        - Network Risks & Responses
                              Chair: B. Burnham, NSA
                        - Software Engineering
                              Chair: V. Gibson, Grumman
                        - System Engineering with OTS Products
                              Chair: M. Tinto, NSA
                        - Network Implementation
                              Chair: F. Mayer, Aerospace Corp


       PANELS - Virus Attacks & Counterattacks: Real World Experiences
                    Chair: J. Litchko, TIS
              - Terror at the World Trade Center
                    Chair: S. Meglathery, NYSE
              - Contingency Planning in the 90s
                    Chair: I. Gilbert-Perry, NIST
              - On a Better Understanding of Risk Management Techniques
                    Chair: S. Katzke, NIST
              - Security Awareness, Training & Professionalization
                    Chair: D. Gilbert, NIST
              - Accreditor's Perspective - How Much is Enough?
                    Chair: J. Litchko, TIS
              - Security & Auditability of Electronic Voting Systems
                    Chair: R. Mercuri, U. of Penn.
              - Protection of Intellectual Property
                    Chair: G. Lang, Harrison Ave. Corp.
              - The Privacy Impact pof technology in the 90s
                    Chair: W. Madsen, CSC
              - Electronic Crime Prevention & Investigation
                    Chair: R. Lau, NSA

       PAPER SESSION - Managing & Promoting INFOSEC Programs
                              Chair: D. Parker, SRI


       Tutorials: - Threats & Security Overview
                              A. Liddle, IRMC
                  - Trusted Systems Concepts
                              C. Abzug, IRMC
                  - Trusted Networks
                              R. Bauer, E. Schultz,  ARCA
                  - Trusted Databases
                              G. Smith, W. Wilson,  ARCA
                  - Trusted Integration & System Certification
                              J. Sachs, ARCA

      Panel Presentations: - CLIPPER Chip
                                        Chair: L. McNulty, NIST
                           - Getting Your Work Published
                                        Chair: J. Holleran, NSA
                           - INFOSEC Standards: The DISA Process
                                        Chair: W. Smith, DISA
                           - Security Requirements for Cryptographic
                               Modules; Chair: L. Carnahan, NIST


      Presentations: - Introduction to the Federal Criteria
                              G. Troy, NIST; D. Campbell, NSA
                     - Federal Criteria: Protection Profile Development
                              J. Cugini, NIST; M. DelVilbiss, NSA
                     - Federal Criteria: Registration of Protection Profiles
                              D. Ferraiool, NIST; L. Ambuel, NSA

      Panels - Federal Criteria: Protection Profiles for the 90s
                    Chair: R. Dobry, NSA
             - Federal Criteria: Vetting & Registration of Protection Profiles
                    Chair: L Ambuel, NSA
             - Evaluation Paradigms: Update on TPEP and TTAP
                    Chair: S Nardone, NSA
             - European National Evaluation Schemes
                    Chair: E. Flahavin, NIST
             - The European Evaluation Process
                    Chair: P. Toth, NIST
             - International Harmonization I
                    Chair: Y. Klein, SCSSI, France
             - Goals & Progress Toward the Common Criteria
                    Chair: G. Troy, NIST
             - Federal Criteria User Forum
                    Chair: C. Wichers NSA

   Plenary: "Information System Security Strategies for the Future"
                    Chair: Stephen Walker
                    Panel: James P. Anderson
                           Dr. Willis Ware
                           Dr. Roger Schell


End of RISKS-FORUM Digest 14.86