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Re: "Trusts" vs. Trust. (was: Re: No digital coins)

> Perry Metzger writes:
> > Never happened. Its a myth, plain and simple.
> >       Oh, and Standard Oil was dropping in market share as fast
> > as a stone when it was broken up.
> > Nah. The Sherman Antitrust Act and all its friends are based partially
> > on myths, and partially on the desire of businessmen to get government
> > ENFORCEMENT of cartels.
> > Monopolies, cartels, etc, are all a myth.
> You are objectively correct about all this.
> You're also being obnoxious and shouldn't have started this argument.
> Please stop.

I don't think so.  Perry's arguments were well-reasoned and not obnoxious
at all.  Perhaps some don't like to be proven they are wrong?
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