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"more money than brains?"

 Uu> From: [email protected] ("Christian D. Odhner")

 > ViaCrypt PGP will be available in the USA and Canada, for an introductory
 > price of $100...for a single user
 Uu> Ok, I just spoke with Dave somebody at viacrypt, and he told me that
 Uu> the ViaCrypt PGP would be based on PGP 2.3a, and the only code changed
 Uu> would be the lines implementing rsa itself.
 Uu> improvements were made to ViaCrypt PGP, the same improvements would be
 Uu> made to the freeware version. I was thinking that if a bunch of us
 Uu> cypherpunks wanted copys we could order them...

Only one question:  WHY?  If PGP is freeware for noncommercial single
users, why on earth would anyone wish to drop $100 +/- for single-user
rights to a virtually identical program?

The mind boggles.  I know that the principal Cypherpunks are rich, but
I'm sure they could find more worthy charities than ViaCrypt...like
getting me a new modem, for example...

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