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INFO: smoking gun?

   From: Brian D Williams <[email protected]>
   Date: 	Wed, 25 Aug 1993 14:28:12 -0700

    "According to sources at the National Security Agency, on the
   morning of July 13, 1982, the NSA had intercepted commercial
   communications from the Washington office of Mitsubishi to the
   Japanese Foreign Ministry in Tokyo. The NSA monitors fifty-three
   thousand communication signals in the United States every day. They

I haven't had a chance to read the book, but is this referring to the
*supposed* "project harvest"? (a supposed NSA project to automate the
wiretapping and flagging of phone conversations by voice-recognition
software (ie key words trigger conversations being bumped to human

   usually aren't reviewed by analysts, however, unless the signal
   carries a message with a signature-a key word or phrase that
   triggers a computer to transcribe the communication. Any word that
   might signal confidential or classified government information
   triggers the transcribing system."

     from Friendly spies, page 90.

     looks like a smoking gun to me......

(for all I know this is mere paranoia (the "project harvest") so no flames
about the obvious "fringe factor" involved here. Just wanting to know if the
book "Friendly Spies" (unavailable in my university library as of yet) 
mentions this.)