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Source Code NOT available for ViaCrypt PGP

I talked once again with Dave Barnheart at ViaCrypt, and he told me:

	A) No source code will be available, due to the nature of the
agreement between PKP and ViaCrypt.
	B) He is under 'a lot' of pressure to have a product 'on the
shelves in under two months', and therefore the first release will be a
MS-DOS version, then Macintosh, SVR4, SUN OS, and all of those unix
versions, and that they will eventualy put out a windows product and start
makeing improvements to the actual product.
So in answer to (Paul Goggin's?) questions about verification of changes,
"We'll Just Have To Trust Them(tm)" <g> 

But look on the bright side... 

	This will blow David Sternlight out of the water!

Happy Hunting, -Simon Trask
<[email protected]>
PGP public key available upon request.