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Re: Coming Soon: Commercial version of PGP!

> [email protected] writes:
> > How soon before a Mac compatible version is available? Or will the
> > current version run under Soft PC on the Mac, which is essentially a
> > PC-emulator...? If yes to either, sign me up...! 
> Have you tried the freeware version of MacPGP yet? It is very easy to use.
> The next release (now in beta) will even support AppleEvents. I think it will
> be quite a while before you can buy something similar.
> [And why would you want to pay if you can get for free?]
> --Marc

I was a beta tester of the latest version of MacPGP, and it looks *very* nice.
Some annoying minor bugs have been fixed and a few new features added, including
a hook for BBEdit (a godsend).  I assume it'll be released any week now, if not

If it's true that the freeware version of PGP will be allowed to exist alongside
the new (sourceless) commercial version, I don't think the cypherpunk in the know
will have much trouble choosing...