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Re: Commercial PGP; trapdoor rumors

> In April, I talked to Jim Bidzos @ PKP, and he agreed to allow his
> licensed RSA code to be built into a PGP compatible freeware program.

have you considered the possibility that bidzos is a FUCKING LIAR?

shaen bernhardt put it well many months ago:

    Don't sell out cypherpunks, RSA Inc. will stab you in the back as
    quickly as anyone else.

here's another quote i like to review when i'm feeling too calm.  it
comes from a tcmay description of a cpunx mtg in sf:

    I think I mentioned somewhere that I put Bidzos on the spot
    with what I called "The 64-bit Question": Are you going to cut
    a deal and sell us out? [regarding clipper/capstone]
    Bidzos was very sober when he answered this, and said, roughly:
    "If you mean will I conspire with the government to deny strong
    crypto to users, no. But if Clipper and Capstone are destined
    for deployment and they come to us and offer royalties, what
    choice will we have? We have a duty to our shareholders." And
    as he was leaving for the day, he leaned in the door to our
    meeting and said, as if to reiterate the point, "Tim, I won't
    sell you out."
let me translate bidzos' reply:  I WILL SELL YOU OUT.  

so go ahead, rely on bidzos' word.  but take my advice: count your
fingers after shaking hands.