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Re: Adding an "AKA"


I think all you do is

pgp -ke ferguson

and it will ask if you want to add more info to your public key.

I did this so now my public key looks like this: 'pgp -kvv barrus'

Key ring: '/home/klbarrus/Crypto/pgp/pubring.pgp', looking for user ID "barrus".
Type bits/keyID   Date       User ID
pub  1024/5AD633 1993/01/08  Karl L. Barrus <[email protected]>
                             Karl L. Barrus <[email protected]>
1 key(s) examined.

| Karl L. Barrus                                   |
| [email protected]                         |
| D1 59 9D 48 72 E9 19 D5  3D F3 93 7E 81 B5 CC 32 |