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Call for Papers IFIP SEC'94 Caribbean

  Call for Papers IFIP SEC'94 - updated information August 1993


                C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S


Technical Committee 11 - Security and Protection in Information
Processing Systems - of the UNESCO affiliated INTERNATIONAL


THROUGH MAY 27, 1994.

Organized by Technical Committee 11 of IFIP, in close cooperation with
the Special Interest Group on Information Security of the Dutch
Computer Society and hosted by the Caribbean Computer Society, the
TENTH International Information Security Conference IFIP SEC'94 will be 
devoted to advances in data, computer and communications security
management, planning and control. The conference will encompass
developments in both theory and practise, envisioning a broad perspective of 
the future of information security.
The event will be lead by its main theme "Dynamic Views on
Information Security in Progress".

Papers are invited and may be practical, conceptual, theoretical, tutorial
or descriptive in nature, addressing any issue, aspect or topic of
information security. Submitted papers will be refereed, and those presented
at the conference, will be included in the formal conference proceedings.
Submissions must not have been previously published and must be the
original work of the author(s). Both the conference and the five
tutorial expert workshops are open for refereed presentations.

The purpose of IFIP SEC'94 is to provide the most comprehensive international
forum and platform, sharing experiences and interchanging ideas, research
results, development activities and applications amongst academics,
practitioners, manufacturers and other professionals, directly or indirectly
involved with information security. The conference is intended for computer
security researchers, security managers, advisors, consultants, accountants,
lawyers, edp auditors, IT, adminiatration and system managers from
government, industry and the academia, as well as individuals interested and/or
involved in information security and protection.

IFIP SEC'94 will consist of a FIVE DAY - FIVE PARALLEL STREAM - enhanced
conference, including a cluster of SIX FULL DAY expert tutorial workshops.

In total over 120 presentations will be held. During the event the second 
Kristian Beckman award will be presented. The conference will address
virtually all aspects of computer and communications security, ranging
from viruses to cryptology, legislation to military trusted systems,
safety critical systems to network security, etc.

The six expert tutorial workshops, each a full day, will cover the
following issues:

Tutorial A: Medical Information Security
Tutorial B: Information Security in Developing Nations
Tutorial C: Modern Cryptology
Tutorial D: IT Security Evaluation Criteria
Tutorial E: Information Security in the Banking and Financial Industry
Tutorial F: Security of Open/Distributed Systems

Each of the tutorials will be chaired by a most senior and internationally
respected expert.

The formal proceedings will be published by Elsevier North Holland
Publishers, including all presentations, accepted papers, key-note talks,
and invited speeches.

The Venue for IFIP SEC'94 is the ITC World Trade Center Convention
Facility at Piscadera Bay, Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

A unique social program, including formal banquet, giant 'all you can eat'
beach BBQ, island Carnival night, and much more will take care of leisure
and relax time.

A vast partners program is available, ranging from island hopping, boating,
snorkeling and diving to trips to Bonaire, St. Maarten, and Caracas.
A special explorers trip up the Venezuela jungle and the Orinoco River
is also available.
For families a full service kindergarten can take care of youngsters.

The conference will be held in the English language. Spanish translation
for Latin American delegates will be available.

Special arrangements with a wide range of hotels and appartments complexes
in all rate categories have been made to accommodate the delegates and
accompanying guests. (*)
The host organizer has made special exclusive arrangements with KLM Royal
Dutch Airlines and ALM Antillean Airlines for worldwide promotional fares
in both business and tourist class. (**)

(*)(**) Our own IFIP TC11 inhouse TRAVEL DESK will serve from any city on
the globe.

All authors of papers submitted for the referee process will enjoy special

Authors of papers accepted by the International Referee Committee will enjoy
extra benefits.

If sufficient proof (written) is provided, students of colleges, universities
and science institutes within the academic community, may opt for
student enrollment. These include special airfares, appartment accommodations,
discounted participation, all in a one packet prepaid price.
(Authors' benefits will not be affected)




Five copies of the EXTENDED ABSTRACT, consisting of no more than 25 double
spaced typewritten pages, including diagrams and illustrations, of
approximately 5000 words, must be received by the Program Committee no
later than November 15th, 1993.

We regret that electronically transmitted papers, papers on diskettes,
papers transmitted by fax and handwritten papers are not accepted.

Each paper must have a title page, which includes the title of the paper,
full names of all author(s) and their title(s), complete address(es),
including affiliation(s), employer(s), telephone/fax number(s) and
email address(es).
To facilitate the blind refereeing process the author(s)' particulars
should only appear on the separate title page. The language of the 
conference papers is English.
The first page of the manuscript should include the title, a keyword list
and a 50 word introduction. The last page of the manuscript should include
the reference work (if any).

Authors are invited to express their interest in participating in the
contest, providing the Program Committee with the subject or issue that 
the authors intend to address (e.g. crypto, viruses, legal, privacy, design,
access control, etc.) This should be done preferably by email to 
< [email protected] >, or alternately sending a faxmessage to
+31 43 619449 (Program Committee IFIP SEC'94)

The extended abstracts must be received by the Program Committee on or
before November 15th, 1993.

Notification of acceptance will be mailed to contestants on or before
December 31, 1993. This notification will hold particular detailed
instructions for the presentation and the preparation of camera ready 
manuscripts of the full paper.

Camera ready manuscripts must be ready and received by the Program Committee
on or before February 28, 1994.

If you want to submit a paper, or you want particular information on
the event, including participation, please write to:

IFIP SEC'94 Secretariat
Postoffice Box 1555

or fax to:

IFIP SEC'94 Secretariat: +31 43 619449 (Netherlands)

or email to:

< [email protected] >


Special request to all electronic mail readers:

Please forward this Call for Papers to all networks and listservices
that you have access to, or otherwise know of.



IFIP TC 11 Secretariat

Call for Papers - updated information August 1993