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AT&T Home Security Plus

Today I got a most interesting call from a phone solicitor, who said that he
was with AT&T and they were going to be hosting a demo of an AT&T home
security system on my block and was I interested in attending.  

I told him about Clipper and asked if the AT&T home burglar alarms came
along with backdoors allowing various govt agents and burglars to sneak in.
Somehow the discussion shifts to PGP vs. Clipper, and the caller asks if
I've got a handle (I told him my email address, which was Really Dumb) and
then he asks if I'm into pirating or anything... of course I'm not, and said

Somewhere along the line I entirely forgot to ask how the hell he got any
idea what block I lived on, since my residence address information is
something I take great pains to protect.  

And then it occurred to me... perhaps Something Else is also going on...?
Like, "are you into pirating...?"  Hmmm...  I never even thought about that
at the time, but if anyone else out there gets a call like this, it might be
worth some follow-up research...