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Internet: commercial or n

To: [email protected]

L.>In the current situation, all the government bureacrats fire off
L.>messages that `even though your message can travel on commercial nets
L.>only, there is no way of guaranteeing that it does not cross public
L.>networks, therefore it must abide by NSF Internet Use Policies.'

To which I fire back:

"Since you consider it OK for Internet to carry pictures of naked men, 
women, children, and animals as well as text (tiny) sex and such kink as 
alt.fan.bill.gates, you have to put up with *our* ideas of the sorts of 
activities that consenting adults can engage in online.  I'm sick and 
tired of this discrimination against commercial intercourse."

Duncan Frissell

Who practices commercial activities every day on the Internet and is not 
ashamed to admit it.

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