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Re: Physical security lapses will getcha every time.

> Of course, this doesn't make the UNIX versions of PGP useless. There
> is absolutely no reason why you can't run your own personal Unix
> box. Really all you need is a 386 machine with Linux or 386BSD.

Yeah. Or even run BSDI on your 386SX notebook. That's what I'm doing.
I don't want to use DOS, with all it's cruft. Much prefer a system I have full
source code to...

> The nice thing about the UNIX/Linux setup, is that you can still use
> all the UNIX tools to send/receive encrypted mail (your favourite
> mail user agent+pgp/ripem+UUCP+sendmail/smail) in a convenient way
> without messing with MSDOS. 

Yeah. And... Well... I don't want to get into any religious battles, but I
still prefer BSDI (the support is great and the networking code is much more
stable) over Linux - and yes, I do know Linux was develped out here in