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Re: Another BBS Seizure in Hartford

> Bombs & bulletin boards: the news media regularly mention the name of the
> chemical used to stinkbomb abortion clinics, and the composition of the
> world trade center bomb.  So it seems to me a decent defense could be made
> on the grounds of "selective prosecution" since after all, juveniles can
> always tune in the news and learn how to make bad things.  Well...?

It is even easier than that.  They can go down to the local library and
check out a book that will tell them how to make something better than an
ammonium nitrate fuel oil composition (it is hard to ignite such beasts,
but as someone who was always intrigued with pyrotechnics as a youth I know
there is a lot of info out there...)  Besides, they could just order a book
from loompanics that tells them how do make a whole lot more.

A good lawyer should be able to tear this one to bits...