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Whit Diffie on Sept 27th Sunergy Satellite TV Broadcast

                                                        The Florida SunFlash

                 Sept 27th Sunergy Satellite Broadcast

SunFLASH Vol 56 #26                                              August 1993
56.26   Sept 27th Sunergy Satellite Broadcast
        7th Sunergy Broadcast will be on September 28, 1993 from
        9:00 - 10:45 am PDT. Title: "Cyberjockying in the 21st Century".
        How will supernetworks and the Internet affect you ?
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                           Sunergy #7
                        September 28, 1993
                        9:00 - 10:45 am PDT
                   Cyberjockying in the 21st Century

How will supernetworks transport you to the far reaches of the data
galaxy?  What is the current status of the internet and other
"information highways"? What can these "highways" do for you today?

This next Sunergy live broadcast will focus on the issues and
technologies surrounding the worldwide movement of information.  It
will take a look at the internet, information suppliers, information
retrievers and the other related resources.  Discussions will also
include regulation and security on the internet. Some current
technologies will be demonstrated.

Guests include:

John Gage        - Director of the Science Office, SMCC
Whitfield Diffie - Distinguished Engineer, Security - SMCC
Carl Malamud     - President, Internet Multicasting Service
Brewster Kahle   - President, WAIS Inc

If you wish to downlink this broadcast, please send email to
[email protected] or phone the Sunergy office at +1 415/336-5847

Program is available on satellites over Europe (west, central and east),
Canada, Latin America and the US.


John Gage
Director, Science Office
Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation

John Gage works for Bill Joy, the Chief Technical Officer of
Sun, and is responsible for Sun's relationships with the world
scientific and public policy communities, international scientific
institutions and groups developing new forms of scientific research
involving computing.

He is on scientific and advisory panels of the United States
National Science Foundation, the US Congress Office of Technology
Assessment, the European institute of Technology and the United
States National Academy of Sciences. He has recently been appointed
to the US National Research Council Mathematical Sciences Education

He is a member of ACM, IEEE, SIAM, AMS, AAAS, and SMPTE.

He attended the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate
School of Public Policy.  He did doctoral work in economics and
mathematics at the university of Berkeley at the same time as
Bill Joy.  Gage subsequently left Berkeley with Joy to start
Sun in 1982.

Gage is on the Board of Directors of Unicode, an industry consortium
of IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Novell, Sun, GO Corporation, and others to
provide multilingual capability in all world scripts for all
documents and applications.


Carl Malamud
Internet Multicasting Service

Carl Malamud is the author of seven professional reference books including
STACKS (Prentice Hall), Analyzing Sun Networks (Van Nostrand Reinhold), and
Exploring the Internet: A Technical Travelogue (Prentice Hall).

Currently, Carl is producing the Internet Town Hall and Internet Talk Radio
series for the Internet Multicasting Service and conducts research on
integration of telephone systems into the Internet.


Whitfield Diffie
Distinguished Engineer
Sun Microsystems

Whitfield Diffie is best known for his 1975 discovery of
the concept of public key cryptography, for which he was recently
awarded a Doctorate in Technical Sciences (Honoris Causa) by the
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

For a dozen years prior to assuming his present position in 1991,
Diffie was Manager of Secure Systems Research for Northern Telecom,
functioning as the center of expertise in advanced security
technologies throughout the corporation.  Among his achievements in
this position was the design of the key management architecture for
NT's recently released PDSO security system for X.25 packet networks.

Diffie received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics
from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965.  Prior to
becoming interested in cryptography, he worked on the development of
the Mathlab symbolic manipulation system --- sponsored jointly at
Mitre and the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory --- and later on
proof of correctness of computer programs at Stanford University.  He
is the recipient of the IEEE Information Theory Society Best Paper
Award for 1979 and the IEEE Donald E. Fink award for 1981.


Brewster Kahle
Wide Area Information Servers, Inc.

Inventor and architect of the WAIS electronic publishing system, Brewster
Kahle has lead the multi-company effort to build a practical system for
end-users to find and retrieve information from servers worldwide.  Before
this work, he helped design and build parallel supercomputers at Thinking
Machines Corporation.

Brewster was schooled at MIT in Computer Science and Artificial
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