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Re: AT&T Home Security Pl

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D >Anyway the scary part is that her university lists both *residence*
D >phone and address for all students in their phone directory services.
D >She said that she had tried to get unlisted but that university 
D >policy *forbade* that, so she was stuck with being listed. (Yes, this
D >is a U.S. university.)
D >
D >That's the sort of policy that ought to be prevented by law. Even 
D >non-deadly stalkers can be a serious nuisance.

D >	Doug

Haven't you people ever heard of mail receiving services and voice mail?  
When people want to violate your privacy by asking questions, give them 
what they want but make sure it's meaningless.  When people ask *me* 
address and phone number as they seem to do every week or so, I just give 
them my voice mail and mail drop.  ($20/month combined cost NYC.)

No laws required.

Duncan Frissell

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