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Re: Apple planning to use Clipper chip?

Tim May writes:
>> The fact that Apple is reviewing the "key escrow" proposals probably
>> implies other hardware makers are as well. This suggests a whole
>> behind-the-scenes movement to get Clipper/Skipjack/Capstone key escrow
>> chips designed into PCs, probably in the communications/modem/network
>> subsections.

To which Stig responds
>It's quite fortunate, then, that the PC market is not monopolized as the
>Macintosh market is.

and Nate Sammons rejoins:
>I think it signals a time to look into other platforms... The new 
>Silicon Graphics Indy looks quite good right about now.
>Just imagine the stickers we could put on those babies!
>"Big Brother built-in!"  "Big Brother Inside!" come to mind,
>among others.

Now, first off, I'm not the one who originally propogated this rumor.  And,
as near as I can tell, rumor is exactly what it is.

I would hope that people would make a minimal effort to obtain some facts
before coming to conclusions.

Just a suggestion, mind you.

Lefty ([email protected])
C:.M:.C:., D:.O:.D:.