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Re: CACM article "Clipping Clipper"

On Sun, 29 Aug 1993 13:14:01 GMT,
 Lance J. Hoffman <[email protected]> wrote -
> Several people have asked me to post this for
> those who do not get Communications
> of the Association for Computing Machinery. 
> So here it is, reprinted with
> permission from Communications of the ACM,
> September 1993, volume 36, number 9.

 I would like to (firstly) extend my personal thanks to you for posting
 the article in sci.crypt, and (secondly) for expressing your opposition
 to the "key-escrow" initiative. I, and I am sure many others, appreciate
 your viewpoints on the entire fiasco and stand alongside you in 
 opposition of this threat to personal freedom and privacy in the dawning
 new age of information.

 Your paper is well-written and presents the facts in a succint and
 indisputable fashion. I look forward to the seeing the issue in print,
 and any counter-point articles which may also appear in this issue.

Paul Ferguson                                                               
Mindbank Consulting Group                        [email protected]  
Fairfax, Virginia  USA                           [email protected]